Learn Design Processes

A personal one to one online course  –  $200

Discover how to visually explore, develop and document your creative ideas through design practices.

Design differs from art in that it has a purpose, by applying design frameworks and principles to your projects you can kick-start your creative process.

The application of a design process to any creative project provides a creative structure for you to experiment effectively within – without getting lost in the endless options and combinations that may be swirling around your head, preventing you from getting started.

The course runs across 4 Modules. Through a series of practical hands on activities, exercises and individual online sessions, you will be taught how to apply design practices and principles to any creative project you have in mind, building up a sound methodology that you can apply to a wide variety of creative endeavours.

This approach is ideal for projects such as- painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, textile art, interior design, pattern design, fashion, website design, graphics, writing.

  • What you’ll be provided with: Clear guidance through the design practice process.
  • What you’ll learn: How to apply design practices and principles to any creative project through practical hands on activities and exercises.
  • Who will be teaching? Karen Smith, an experienced professional designer and artist, and craft enthusiast who shares her enjoyment of the entire creative process from concept ideas, to finished pieces of handmade work.

Course Modules

Unit 1 – Capturing Ideas

Video Tutorial – Your Research Goals
Online content – Suggested Research activities
Self paced – Your own Research


Unit 2 – Analysis

Video Tutorial – Mind Mapping
Online content – Mind Mapping – how it works
Self paced – Follow Up Mind Mapping process download content


Unit 3 – Experimental Stage

Video Tutorial – Making Mood Boards
Online content / Self Paced – Documenting your project
Online content / Self paced Sketchbook usage
Online content Creating a body of work
Online content Design Principles
Online content Design Elements


Unit 4 – Final Project

Video Tutorial Your Project Realisation
Online content – Creating Your Design Specification